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Oxygen concentrator
Lauf G 600

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  • Oxygen concentrator Lauf G 600
  • Oxygen concentrator Lauf G 600
  • Oxygen concentrator Lauf G 600
  • Oxygen concentrator Lauf G 600
  • Oxygen concentrator Lauf G 600
  • Oxygen concentrator Lauf G 600
  • Oxygen concentrator Lauf G 600
  • Oxygen concentrator Lauf G 600

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Lauf G 600 oxygen concentrator produces a high concentration of 90–96% with molecular filtration of outside air.

The device is designed to provide ventilators and anesthesia systems with oxygen when there is any centralized gas supply.

Lauf G 600 oxygen concentrator consists of a compressor, a concentrator and a storage units. The device may be used with an oxygen storage device (receiver) for automatic operation.

The stationary oxygen concentrator is intended for use as a source of compressed medical oxygen for supplying anesthesia and respiratory devices, artificial lung ventilation devices, oxygen inhalation systems to the pneumatic system.

The enrichment effect is based on the process of adsorptive separation of air with a molecular filter (the so-called «artificial zeolite»). The device is intended for installation in a medical facility.

Technical characteristics

Output flow, (l / min), at least15
Oxygen concentration performance (%)93±3
Oxygen outlet pressure (MPa), in the range0,35–0,40
Safety valve pressure (MPa)0,50
Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz) ~230V±10% / 50 Hz±0,5Hz
Power consumption (W)1300
Automatic and manual operation
Adjustment of automatic mode parameters
Compressor block
External moisture separation device
Compressor engine active air-cooling system
Internal receiver (for air)
Oxygen concentrator unit
Three adsorption columns
Internal receiver (for oxygen)
Internal moisture separation system
Light indication:P.O. – green light: mains supply
H.O2 – blue light: О2 concentration ≥84%
L.O2 – red light: О2 concentration <84%
AlarmsLow pressure alarm
High pressure alarm
High temperature alarm
Power failure alarm
Information displayed by LCD display:Accumulated working time
Presenting working time
Operating pressure
Temperature inside in the case
External oxygen storage (option)
Three-stage filtration systemcoarse air filter (1 level of filtration, working resource up to 100 hours)
bacterial filter (filtration level 2, working life up to 600 hours)
fine filter (3 filtration level, working life up to 3000 hours)

Physical characteristics

Overall dimensions of the compressor (mm ± 2%), (LxWxH)256 х 500 х 600
Compressor net weight (kg)≤45
Overall dimensions of the concentrator (mm ± 2%), (LxWxH)240 х 596 х 880
Concentrator net weight (kg)≤70
Dimensions of the storage device (mm ± 2%), (LxWxH) 635 х 635 х 1475
Net weight of the storage device (kg)≤125
Internal volume of the storage device (m3)0,23